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NX Nastran / Femap

Femap is a highly functional pre / post processor for creating finite element models (beam, shells and solid structures) in preparation for FEM calculations and analyses and for the evaluation of calculation results. With its – in the CAD world – proven Parasolid kernel, it is possible to create complex geometries on your own or import existing CAD models via Parasolid, ACIS, Step, IGES, VDA-FS, DXF, STL, CATIA V4 and V5.

NX Nastran for Femap is a very powerful, proven FEM system for the calculation and simulation of mechanical and thermal processes and streams. The basic module includes linear and static functions, modal analysis, buckling, heat transfer analysis (stationary and transient), nonlinear analysis, joint and weld elements, linear contact, glued joint and bolt preload. In addition, NX Nastran for Femap features options for dynamic analysis – these include transient / dynamic, frequency / harmonic response, response spectrum, random response DDAM (Dynamic Design Analysis Method) – as well as advanced nonlinear analysis, aeroelasticity, super elements, optimization, rotor dynamics and DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program).


For more information visit the product page of NX Nastran.

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