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Plant Engineering – Stair Towers, Halls, Platforms

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation! Here you will find a selection of our projects, which reflect the comprehensive range of services of MF Engineering.

New development of a platform structure with three levels for the installation of the conveyance of an Aluminium plant in

Auftraggeber: NKM Noell Special Cranes
Leistung: Structural and seismic calculation and connection design acc. to EC3 as well as workshop drawings

New development of a platform for air condensers (measurements 62m x 26m x 10m) in the Netherlands

Auftraggeber: ICW GmbH/GEA Anlagentechnik
Leistung: Structural calculation of the steel platform with earthquake loading acc. to EC3

New development of a stair tower with elevator in Saudi Arabia (measurements approx. 10m x 8m x 33m)

Auftraggeber: Babcock Noell GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation and connection design acc. to AISC 360-05 LRFD incl. design and workshop drawings

Survey of an existent steel hall with intermediate levels (measurements approx. 14m x 20m x 17m)

Auftraggeber: Ingenieurbüro Ruf
Leistung: Structural calculation and check of the existent steel structure acc. to DIN 18800

New development of 3800 m² of operating platforms and installation girders for a painting plant in Thailand

Auftraggeber: Dürr Systems GmbH
Leistung: Structural calculation and basic design drawings of the stilted and hanging steel structure acc. to EC3

Optimisation of the support structure for wood dryer. Variable basic structure (width 5m to 18m)

Auftraggeber: Eisenmann SE
Leistung: Compilation of a variable 3D basic structure for quick preliminary structural calculations for bid proposal management. Design acc. to DIN18800