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Plant Engineering – Miscellaneous in the area of mechanical engineering

Satisfied customers are our best recommendation! Here you will find a selection of our projects, which reflect the comprehensive range of services of MF Engineering.

New development of a plant in Linde, Texas

Customer: MÜPRO Services GmbH
Service: Structural calculation and design of special profiles to be clamped to the main steel structure under single loads and wind acc. to ASCE 7-10 and AISC 360-10

New development of an emergency shower for facilities with hazardous substances

Customer: Haws AG
Service: Structural calculation and design of the load carrying frame of an outdoor emergency shower acc. to AISC 360-16 as well as anchorage acc. to ETAG

New development and erection of a platform

Customer: GEA Brewery Systems GmbH
Service: Structural calculation and design of a platform with roller conveyor

Check of an existing lifting beam for lifting of pressure vessels

Customer: Danz GmbH
Service: Structural calculation and check of the lifting beam acc. to DIN EN 13155

New development of spiral conveyors for VetterTec

Customer: Ilchmann Fördertechnik GmbH
Service: Analysis of enclosures for spiral conveyors in regards to blast pressure incl. determination of section forces at the flanges