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Plant engineering

Plant Engineering

Our field of activity in plant engineering consists of structural, dynamic and seismic engineering analyses and design in the areas of environmental engineering, tank construction, structural steelwork, and mechanical engineering.

Requirements in the field of plant engineering:

Technical boundary conditions:

  • Applicable standards/codes: DIN, Euro Code (EC3, EC8, …), UBC, IBC, ASCE, AISC, ASME, AD2000, etc.
  • Seismic loading, response spectra
  • Ship and truck transport
  • Applications for austenitic and ferritic steel
  • Fatigue analyses

Examples of environmental engineering:

  • Investigation of self-supporting filters without independent supporting structure
  • Cast-in-place and post-installed anchors in concrete foundations

Examples of tank construction:

  • Calculation of bunkers and silos
  • Investigation of a fermenter with stirring shaft

Examples of structural steelwork:

  • Analysis of stair towers, steel halls and platforms
  • Support structures (towers and pipe racks) for gas insulated control units

Examples of mechanical engineering:

  • Frames for filters, pumps and other mechanical components
  • Movable covers and gates
  • Proof of resin coated busbars mounted on aluminum girders

References in the field of plant engineering:

References and Projects

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